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Montgomery County Trash and Recycling Reminders

Are you confused regarding changes in the trash and recycling schedules when holidays lead to shifts in the normal pickup days?  Residents can sign up to receive service updates and reminders at Collection Updates and Reminders.  Simply enter your postal address and your e-mail address to receive reminders of schedule changes, primarily due to holidays..

Planning for Repairs and Replacement of Major Assets
Since the increase in the assessment ceiling in 2012, more funds are being placed into our reserves accounts.  Contributions to the reserves account, plus reserves expenses funded from current income amounted to $353,266 in 2013, $252,405 in 2014, and $383,026 in 2015. The reserves fund as of January 31, 2016 amounts to $1,532,147.

Please use the link Contact the Stedwick Board to send to the Board your questions or feedback on finances and services.

Did You Know?

1. Stedwick Board Monthly Meetings are held every Third Wednesday of the month at the Stedwick Community Center at 7:30 pm for Resident's Time. There are no meetings in July and December.  See p 7 of the Resident's Handbook for more information..

2. Stedwick's Streets (about 17 acres of impermeable area) No Longer Subject to the Rain Tax

3. Annual Report for 2015

4. Treasurer's Report for 2015

5. Stedwick Policies and Architectural Criteria are now posted on this site for the convenience of residents.

6. Vehicles parked on Stedwick streets must be moved at least every 15 days, was every 30 days, or they will be considered stored and towed.

7. Dumping of trash and debris on community property is illegal. Visit the new recycling page.

8. Stedwick opposes M-83 Alternative 9; joins Montgomery Village Foundation in support of Alternatives 2 and 5 and mass transit solutions.

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