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Dumping is a Crime!   Donít Dump! The Montgomery County fine for dumping anything is up to $1,000. Violators may be prosecuted.

We continue to find household furniture as well as other piles of trash and debris on community peoperty that must be removed. We receive reports of illegal dumping routinely, largely from residents dumping old furniture like chairs, bookcases, matresses, etc.  Picking up illegally dumped furniture, trash and debris and recyclables is an expense that we need to avoid.  Over a period of a year it amounts to thousands of wasted assessment dollars in addition to detracting from the neat appearance of the community.  Montgomery County operates a complete recycling program and practically all of the scenes shown in the photos below from within Stedwick could have been avoided by taking advantage of the Montgomery County recycling program for yard waste (grass clippings and pruning) and scrap metal (large applicances, bicycles and grills). 

Residents who have items to discard such as furniture, matresses, small appliances, etc. are entitled to four free bulk pick ups per year by Potomac Disposal, our unified trash collector. Use this link to schedule a bulk pick up or call 301-294-9700.  You may be fined up to $1,000 if you leave these items on the common areas by your homes!  Please STOP IT!

The Stedwick community says "thank you" to one or more residents who are apparently gathering trash out of the woods near Forest Brook and leaving it near our streets and parking areas (top right below). We are grateful for the efforts of residents to clean up the community. If you want to help clean up the community please contact the community manager at 301-948-0110 X2327 or to schedule a pickup. Often trash pickups can be coordinated with the County at no cost to Stedwick.

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Revised: September 24, 2016.