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M-83 would hurt Stedwick--how?

M-83 Alternative 9 would extend Midcounty Highway from Montgomery Village Avenue north to Ridge Road in Clarksburg if it were built. The Montgomery County Department of Transportation has been pushing hard to build this for ten years now. If M-83 were built, at least 78 Stedwick homes would lose some of their resale value. Why? Because: they would lose their present resale premium for beauty, privacy, and quietness. Furthermore, real estate assessment uses "comparable" homes to assess all our homes, and those declines in resale value would "bleed" into other home assessments and the resale damage would spread. M-83 would also damage our nearby Great Seneca Creek park, destroy mature forest and wetland next to the Village, degrade the environments of Watkins Mill Elementary School and South Valley Park, and damage the quality of life and home values of hundreds of other residents in and near Montgomery Village.

Alternative 4 (to M-83) would do similar great damage along Wightman and Brink Roads, being designed to far exceed the existing 80 foot right of way. It is totally unacceptable.

For all these reasons, Stedwick joins the Montgomery Village Foundation in supporting only Alternatives 2 and 5 and mass transit solutions.

Fortunately, in January, 2015, the County Executive, six of the nine members of the County Council, and the MD state delegation from our area are solidly opposed to building M-83.  The County Executive has put no money in the budget for further phases of progress towards the road.

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