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Montgomery County Recycling in Stedwick

The Montgomery County recycling program is available to Stedwick residents.  Recycling is collected every Tuesday in Stedwick neighborhoods except for Club Hill and Clusters I. Recycling in Club Hill is collected on Wednesday. Recycling in Clusters I is collected on Thursday. You may sign up for E-mail notification of changes service for Holidays.

Because of the wide variety of items recycled by the county procedures regarding what items are picked up weekly at curbside, what items require a request for special pickup and what items must be delivered to the Rockville Transfer Station can be confusing.  Instructions for disposal or recycling of about almost any household items can be found on the MC website.

Residential recycling of primary interest to Stedwick residents can be divided into four categores:

Scrap Metal - lawn equipment, bicycles, metal furniture, large applicances, grills, lawnmowers (non-riding)
Yard Waste - grass clipping, leaves, brush, branches and tree limbs
Blue Bin - plastic, glass and metal food and beverage containers
Blue Cart (or paper bags, boxes with lids, or bundled) - newspaper, cardboard/paperboard, magazines, books.

Residents who have items to discard that do not fit into the foregoing recyclable categories such as furniture, matresses, small appliances, etc. are entitled to four free bulk pick ups per year by Potomac Disposal, our private/unified trash collector. Use this link to schedule a bulk pick up or call 301-294-9700.


Scrap metal may be collected on your weekly recycling day. You must schedule this service (Call 311) no later than 11 a.m. on the business day prior to your collection day.

Have items on the curb prior to 7 a.m. on recycling day. Do not place items on the curb before 6 p.m. on the evening prior to the scheduled recycling day. This constitutes dumping. The Montgomery County fine for dumping anything is up to $1,000.

Scrap metal is any item 51% or more metal.

How to Recycle/Dispose of Scrap Metal


Picked up curbside on your weekly recycling day.  

Grass, leaves, and brush may be placed in large paper (NO PLASTIC BAGS) yard trim bags, or trash can with a green yard trim label on it. Recyclable paper bags are available at most grocery stores, home improvement stores, and garden centers,

Bags or containers must weigh less than 45 pounds.

Brush may also be tied into bundles up to 30" in diameter. Each piece of brush may be up to 4" thick, and 4' long.

Order "Yard Trim" Decals Online


Picked up curbside on your weekly recycling day.

Please make an effort to separate and secure or bundle newspaper, cardboard/paperboard, magazines, books (blue cart items) if you don't actually have a blue cart.  Simply tossing loose boxes and cardboard into blue bins leads to the trash being strewn all over the neighborhood.

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